Best Sites to Find Work as a Copywriter

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Best Sites to Find Work as a Copywriter
Best Sites to Find Work as a Copywriter

Surely you have taken the task of carrying out work from the comfort of your home, you have a particular love for writing and also, you want to be well paid. If you are in that situation, you are sure to ask about the best sites to find a copywriter job, so do not look any further, as you will find them here.

Being a good copywriter means having boldness in writing and persuading all readers to really feel what you want to express. Whether it’s to sell a product, optimize your audience number or simply make a story known, your job is to stand out from the rest.

So that said, if you want to have the best benefits by working in this great profession, you can visit some of the sites described below:

  1. Upwork

Upwork is one of the best sites where you can literally find all kinds of work, from web page design to video creation or call reception.

Obviously, it is a place that every copywriter should visit. This website offers intermediary services, to protect both the client and the worker. In addition, day by day hundreds of applications are published for you, the desired copywriter.

The page charges a couple of commissions, but if you are very good this will not matter, since the benefits are much greater. For example, it offers the ability to qualify the client or worker.

If you’re lucky, you can find payments of up to $ 15 or $ 20 for every 1000 words. Of course you also have to keep in mind that your writing quality will be a crucial factor in this. Good luck!

URL of the website:

  1. Morning Coffee eNewsletter

Can you imagine getting the best job offers every morning as a writer? This is the main attraction of Morning Coffee eNewsletter. In this web you can be the journalist or daily reporter for different news; the web is full of jobs and just registering your email will receive daily work alerts.

On the other hand, it offers a good customer search engine that will allow you to filter them by location, type of payment and amount offered.

URL of the website:

  1. Textbroker

The most optimal platform for copywriters and people willing to show their talent on the keyboard is without a doubt Textbroker. In addition to being specifically created for the creation of copywriting content, it offers services like payment intermediaries, just like the previously mentioned Up Work.

There are a variety of clients, even looking for people who write in Spanish, English, Italian or Russian, so there is no limit to the ideal job for you. To start working on the page, you must send a test text, which verification by the support team takes about a week, but really worth it.

URl of the website:

  1. Workana

If you want to excel in your work as a copywriter and want to attack the Latin market, you should definitely go through Workana. This website is the Latin American platform with the largest amount of work available, and you can get a good pay!

There are several clients, and all kinds of texts will be requested, from the use of techniques for the sale of services, to content for blogs of cartomancy. In addition, the page also helps you find the right projects for you, through daily emails.

URl of the website:

As you can see, there are enough websites available to explode your talent and prove to the world, through each letter that you really are the best in your work. Start applying now to the websites on the list, you’ll see how with a little patience, the customer will come to you.


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