The Golden Rules to Write a Perfect Title

The Golden Rules to Write a Perfect Title
The Golden Rules to Write a Perfect Title

The title of a document or any text in general represents a clear idea of what is going to be expressed in the content. Although you may not believe it, many readers do not follow the saying “Do not judge a book by its cover“, and this is partly what a copywriter must achieve, grabbing attention from the start. To do this you must use these golden rules.

The title generates an impact to the reader, clearly learns these rules and you will be the king of the game. Pay close attention!

  1. Inspire your title properly in the content of the text

A good story or news is embellished by the text of your title, use one that can clearly identify what will come when reading each word within the body of your creation.

Even you can use phrases that are part of an interview, if this is the case in specific, but of course, those that are short. You can also attach an opinion of your own, adapted to the context of your writing.

  1. Limits the amount of text for the title

Usually a good copywriter should know that the number of characters in a title should not be too long. This amount varies between 40 or 50 characters with spaces included, although this rule may vary according to the context where your creation belongs.

If the quantity of characters exceeds the recommended number, then you could create a text overload to the reader. Remember, simplicity is often the most efficient way to gain audience, and in addition, it does not merit little impact, on the contrary it has positive effects.

  1. Put the keyword within the title but do not overload

This point is relevant when it comes to obtaining SEO positioning, that is, that used by web search engines, such as Google. If this is your case, as a copywriter you must make use of the keyword within your title; it is recommended that you go to the beginning of this. However, if placed inside this, as second or third word you will also get good results.

A good technique for adding your keyword is using hyphens, that is, the “-” symbol. As an example, if your goal is “Apple“, then you could make the title “Apple-iPhone 7 is on everyone’s lips“, or “Apple has said that your iPhone 7 is on everyone’s lips.”

  1. Use numbers at the beginning of your title

Using numbers at the beginning of any title is effective in getting positioning of your web content. You can try putting it, for example, “6 tips to achieve a good company”.

Many people use number lookup for tips, which makes it easy for your title to be striking enough to make them fall into your website.

Remember to be witty, have creativity and a lot of spark when creating this element. To conclude, apply all the rules of gold that have been taught here, especially not to overload it, since in addition of being a bad behavior or practice; it generates poor results when using SEO techniques.

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